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Need help with your next Visitax payment for traveling to the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico? To ensure an easy, quick, and understandable process our privately-held consultancy is offering support and expert guidance.

Pay and obtain a unique VISITAX QR Code When heading for the state of Quintana Roo
(Tulum, Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen)

Pay and obtain a unique VISITAX QR Code When heading for the state of Quintana Roo
(Tulum, Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen)

In 2021, the government of Mexico established a new tourism tax – VISITAX, mandatory for all international travelers to Quintana Roo. The receipt is issued by the Mexican government officials.

Summary Tourist Tax for Cancun

Purpose of trip:

Holiday, work, transfer


One entry, each traveller’s stay requires payment


Each visit is limited to 180 days

Delivery time:

After a successful payment, you will get an email within 1 hour


USD 55 per VISITAX, each person needs their own barcode

Application form:

Download the information file.

Why use our advisory services?

Among the difficulties while on the government site:

  • Security concerns: The official website is offen, not operational.
  • Payments pending processing: Difficulties with paying VISITAX according to users.

Poor Customer Support: Limited or no assistance for troubleshooting problems.

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Our Assistance makes a difference

Official Site Our Consultancy Services 

Pending or failed payments Successful payments processing on secure gateways.
Limited or no support 24/7 clients support via live chat, contact form on our website, phone, and email. 
Website under maintenance or not  responding User-friendly application form on a secure and speedy platform for immediate applying.

The price on the official government website is $18 per visitor. Please, note that we do charge a consultancy fee for our value-added services. Our consultancy fee is of $55 USD (end price).

Our consultancy is paid because of the following additional services:

  • All applications are monitored for errors and inconsistency. 
  • We contact every client should additional information on their application be needed rather than leave error data on their travel document.
  • 24/7 customer support via various channels to ensure our clients can reach us – live chat, telephone, email, and website contact form/.
  • Applications are processed by experienced in the travel field and bureaucracy experts to ensure the successful receipt of the unique VISITAX QR Code.
  • Multi-lingual website, application form, customer service.
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Our 3 steps to get your VISITAX Receipt with our help

1. Apply online

Apply Visitax

Add your email, names, passport, birth date, and date of leaving Mexico.

2. Pay VISITAX using our secure platform

Pay Visitax Mexico

Pay with your Visa or MasterCard

Mode of Payments

3. Get your receipt by email

Mail Visitax

We will send your QR Code – proof of paid tourism tax a couple of hours upon successful payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The new tourism tax is known as “VISITAX” and applies to all legal and permanent residents of Mexico or visitors who stay longer than one day in an accommodation establishment in Quintana Roo. The tax amount is calculated based on the length of stay and type of accommodation and must be paid by the traveller before their arrival.

All foreign visitors staying for more than one day in any establishment within Quintana Roo are subject to paying the new tourist tax. This includes hotels, resorts, guesthouses, homes or vacation rentals.

The purpose of this mandatory payment is twofold: firstly, it serves as a tangible way for municipalities to collect revenue from tourists staying in their area; secondly, it encourages travellers to stay longer in Quintana Roo. By providing municipal funds, taxes are used towards projects, such as public transportation systems, parks, infrastructure maintenance and preservation of cultural attractions.

VISITAX can be paid online via PayPal or by credit card upon check-in at your accommodation provider. For those, paying online prior to arrival, you will receive a confirmation code which you must provide upon arrival at your hotel or resort.

Upon collection at either airport or seaport entry points into Quintana Roo, travellers may also be asked for proof of payment such as a printed receipt.