Important Tips Travelers Need to Know When Arriving at Cancun Airport

Cancun airport

Cancun airport has been considered one of the busiest airports in the world, and landing without getting prepared can get you in pretty messy situations. While the world has stopped international tourism and life as we knew it, Mexico remained open, and Cancun airport saw even more tourists than back in 2019.
With non-essential travel resuming worldwide, Cancun airport will host an all-time-high record of passengers in 2022, and crowds are expected.
Whether you’re coming to Mexico for the first time or are a regular, you’re never too prepared when flying to Cancun, and we’ll go through all the tips you should know.

What to Prepare Before Flying to Cancun

To enter Mexico as an American, Canadian, or European citizen, you are only required to show your passport, and it must have 6 months of validity at least.
Apart from that, you should be aware of the current $48 tourism tax imposed by the Quintana Roo administration. This tax should be paid in advance, and everything can be done in minutes on Visitax.
Apart from that, while most people speak English in and around Cancun, it isn’t the case in the countryside. For this reason, we recommend learning a few essential words of Spanish to make your life easier.
As we’ll discuss in the following paragraphs, there’s no COVID-related paperwork needed when entering the country, which saves lots of hassle.

No Vaccination Certificate Nor COVID Negative Test Needed

Passengers who land at Cancun airport will not have to show any COVID negative test or vaccination certificate. This is not exclusive to the Yucatan peninsula, but it’s simply due to Mexico not requiring visitors from outside its borders to prove they are safe.
During the pandemic, the country has always been open to everyone with no testing and little quarantine needed for some passengers. So you’ll be able just to come in, and you’re good to go.
It’s worth noting that the VuelaSeguro form, previously in place to enter Mexico, isn’t required anymore.

What Immigration Queues Look Like When Arriving at Cancun Airport

Cancun airport hosts 39 flights a day on average and welcomed over 1.5 million tourists in 2020 only, making it one of Mexico’s busiest airports.
For this reason, you can expect heavy crowds at the airport, especially when landing during peak hours. Getting through customs and collecting your luggage could take anywhere between 10 minutes to 3 hours, and that is something to take into consideration.
Needless to say, make sure to prepare all the paperwork above required to enter Mexico before landing, as it will significantly facilitate the whole process.
If, on the other hand, you’re planning to leave Mexico from Cancun airport, you’ll want to get here ahead of time not to rush through security and customs.

Terminals at Cancun Airport

The Cancun Airport has four terminals, and you’ll probably be flying into the 2, 3, or 4. Terminal 1 only hosts Magnicharters and VivaAerobus flights. A free shuttle bus runs between them all every 15 minutes, and you can jump in to get to your gate.
But let’s dive into the remaining terminals and the airlines landing here.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 sees many international and domestic airlines landing in Cancun, at the left gate and on the right, respectively. Below are the biggest airlines arriving at Cancun airport’s terminal 2:
• Aeromexico
• Aerolineas Argentinas
• Air Transat
• Air Tran Airways
• Alaska Airlines
• Dynamic Airways
• First Choice Airways
• Interjet
• SkyService Airlines
• Southwest Airlines
• Sunwing Airlines
• Volaris
Whether you’re flying from the States, Europe, or even South America, the chances to land at Terminal 2 are pretty high.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is where all major airlines arrive and is, therefore, the busiest of all four. The following airlines land at Cancun’s terminal 3:
• Air Berlin
• Air Canada
• Air Europa
• American Airlines
• British Airways
• Condor
• Continental Airlines
• Delta Airlines
• Frontier Airlines
• Iberia
• Iberworld
• JetBlue Airways
• Spirit Airlines
• Sun Country Airlines
• Thomas Cook
• Thomson Fly
• United Airlines
• USA 3000
• WestJet
While terminal 3 mainly hosts flights coming from the United States, other departure countries also land here.

Terminal 4

International flights arrive at Terminal 4 but also domestic ones. Besides being a hub for airplanes coming from all around the world, it is also an excellent terminal for shopping. Also, it has a food court, which is great for those landing here as they can enjoy a hot meal before leaving the airport.
The airlines landing at Cancun’s terminal 4 are:
• Condor
• Interjet
• WestJet
• Lufthansa
• Air France
• Air Europa
• Air Transat
• Southwest
• AeroMexico
• Thomas Cook
• Virgin Atlantic
• Frontier Airlines
• Sun Country Airlines
From Europe, the States, or from pretty much anywhere in the world, there’s a high chance for passengers to arrive in Cancun here.

Transportation from Cancun Airport

Overall, the Cancun, Airport is a nice place, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to get around. Make sure to book your transportation from the airport to the hotel before arrival to make the whole experience smoother and more pleasant, especially on your first trip to Mexico.
The last thing you’re going to feel like doing on your way home from an airport is negotiating with a cab driver who tries and quotes inflated rates.
The most convenient way to be on your way to your hotel from Cancun airport is to book a shuttle service with the reception directly, and someone will be there waiting for you. You can expect to pay anything between $10 and $15 per person.
In addition, a taxi ride will cost you around $25 if you pre-book it online. However, if you arrive unprepared, that will easily cost you $45 or even more in some cases.
Lastly, you can jump on a public bus from Cancun airport to the downtown or hotel area, which will cost you about $5 per person. But, bear in mind that public buses in Mexico may not be the most convenient option, especially with big pieces of luggage.

Restrictions in Mexico

Once the trip from the airport to Cancun city is done and dusted, you’ll want to know the COVID-19 restrictions in place in Quintana Roo and other Mexican states. The country is categorized into four areas: red tier states, orange, yellow, and green – red being the most dangerous and green being the safest.
There is currently no red states, but it’s important to note the restrictions in all cases:
• Red states – Only essential activities and a mask outside and inside is required
• Orange states – Social and commercial activities are restricted, and a mask both inside and out is required
• Yellow states – Limited level of restrictions and wearing a face mask is only necessary in closed and crowded spaces
• Green states – No restrictions, and locals and tourists can resume their life as normal
Cancun is currently under the yellow tier, meaning attractions, hotels, and restaurants can only host visitors up to 60% of their capacity. Also, bars and nightclubs are to close down until the area becomes green tier again.
Lastly, all American citizens need to show a negative COVID-19 test result when flying back to the US. An antigen test can be bought anywhere in Cancun, but some hotels may cover the costs, so it’s worth investigating.



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