Visitax: Fast and Easy Tourist Tax Payment for Quintana Roo, Mexico

Visitax Cancun

Tourists from around the world now have an easier way to pay their tourist tax when traveling to Quintana Roo, Mexico. Visitax is a revolutionary new platform that simplifies payment with just a few clicks on your phone or laptop. With this innovative system, foreign travelers can securely and quickly make their payment for the entire line of taxes imposed by the Mexican government in one place. Now you can fly off on your beach holiday without worries – Visitax has got you covered!

Overview of Visitax

Visitax is an online platform designed to provide an efficient, secure way to pay the tourist tax in Quintana Roo, Mexico. This government-run website allows international visitors from all over the world to easily pay their fees and get valid tax receipts in a matter of minutes.

Visitax helps make your stay in Quintana Roo hassle-free so you can focus on enjoying the country’s most popular destinations such as Riviera Maya, Tulum, and Isla Mujeres.

The Visitax process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is fill out the application form with the necessary datum such as people traveling, purpose of visit, child age limit (if applicable) etc.

Once completed, submit the form via email or phone service. You will then receive a unique QR code that you can use to complete the payment online through either a direct bank transfer or credit card payment. Upon successful conclusion of payment, you will receive your valid tax receipt and confirmation of departure from the authorities.

Why Use Visitax for Tourist Tax Payment?

One of the main reasons why international travelers are turning to Visitax for their tourist tax payments in Quintana Roo is due to its convenience. With Visitax there is no longer any need to stand in long lines at airports with cash in hand – simply fill out the application form and make your payment online! And because it is run by the government, travelers can have peace of mind knowing they are dealing with a reliable and secure system.

In addition, Visitax offers some special features that may be useful for travelers planning a beach trip to Cancún or other Caribbean hotspots. Visitors who stay more than 28 days in Mexico enjoy discounts on their taxes while those under 18 years of age are exempt from paying taxes altogether.

The Process of Using Visitax for Tourist Tax Payment

Step 1: Gather all relevant information on each passenger including passport number and date of birth.

Step 2: Go to www. and click on “New List” where you can input all required information for each passenger traveling with you.

  • Passenger Information: Name; Last name; Age (must be older than 18); Email; Passport Number; Date of Birth; Gender
  • Group Information: Place to visit (beach destination); Purpose of trip (business / pleasure); Stay Days; Flight Number

Step 3:Once finished filling out passenger and group information submit the form via email or phone service to receive a unique QR code that will enable you to finish your payment online.

  • Payment Options:PayPal or Credit Card
  • Fee Payment:$58 USD per person travelling ($11 USD per stay day)

Step 4: Once payment has been processed successfully passengers will receive an official receipt confirming their departure from Quintana Roo

Frequently Asked Questions about Visitax

Who is required to pay the tourist tax in Quintana Roo?

All foreign visitors over the age of 18 travelling to Quintana Roo are required to pay a tourist tax fee.

What is the cost of the tourist tax in Quintana Roo?

The fee for the tourist tax in Quintana Roo is currently $58 USD per person travelling ($11 USD per stay day).

How long is the tourist tax valid for?

The tourist tax is valid from the date of arrival up until 28 days into your stay in Quintana Roo.

What happens if a visitor does not pay the tourist tax?

If a visitor fails to pay their tourist tax upon entry into Quintana Roo, they will be subject to fines and other penalties upon departure.

Can the tourist tax be paid in cash or credit card?

Yes, both cash and credit card payments are accepted for the tourist tax payment in Quintana Roo. However, it is recommended that travelers use Visitax as it offers a secure online payment option.

Is Visitax available for group tourist tax payments?

Yes, groups can easily pay their taxes using the Visitax platform. This makes it much easier and faster than having to do individual payments for each member.

How can a visitor confirm their tourist tax payment and departure from Quintana Roo?

Upon successful conclusion of payment, travelers will receive an official receipt from the Tax Authority of Mexico confirming their payment along with their confirmation of departure from Quintana Roo.

Visitax offers international visitors an easy, fast way to make sure they have taken care of their necessary obligations before leaving Quintana Roo. By using this user-friendly government platform, travelers can truly enjoy their stay without worrying about long lines or complicated paperwork. So take advantage of Visitax today and make sure your trip to any Mexican beach destination such as Playa del Carmen or Isla Cancún is free of stress!

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