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Visitax Team

Established in 2008, Globovista LLC has emerged as a premier provider of travel visa and digital entry permit solutions, renowned for its exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to reliability. Our mission is to facilitate a seamless and secure entry for international travelers into their chosen destinations, ensuring a stress-free journey from start to finish.

At Globovista LLC, we prioritize the safety and ease of our clients’ travels. Our dedication to delivering top-tier visa and entry services has been unwavering since our inception. We take pride in enabling our clients to enjoy their travels, whether for leisure or business, with the assurance of our comprehensive support.

From humble beginnings, our team has grown into a globally recognized travel visa agency, trusted by a diverse clientele spanning Germany, the European Union, the Americas, and beyond. Our reputation is built on the trust of numerous active customers who rely on our expertise for their travel needs.

In pursuit of excellence, we continuously refine our processes and leverage cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled visa and entry services. Our goal is to maintain our status as the go-to agency for travelers seeking dependable and efficient visa assistance.

We make sure our clients travel hassle-free to their destination

Since its inception in 2008, Globovista LLC has steadfastly pursued its vision of ensuring frictionless travel for a diverse clientele. Our commitment is unwavering, whether it’s facilitating idyllic vacations or critical business engagements, we guarantee a smooth commencement of every journey with our bespoke visa and immigration services.

Our origins as a modest team have blossomed into a globally acclaimed travel visa agency, serving an ever-growing number of travelers from the United States to Europe, and across Central and South America. Our expanding client network stands testament to our dedication to excellence.

Driven by an unyielding quest for perfection, we constantly enhance our methodologies and adopt the latest innovations to deliver top-notch visa and immigration services. At Globovista LLC, we transcend mere travel facilitation; we craft memorable experiences by ensuring a seamless entry process, one traveler at a time.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Globovista LLC is committed to delivering an effortless and expedient visa acquisition service to globetrotters everywhere. We strive to streamline the visa procurement process, ensuring it is swift, straightforward, and clear, thereby enabling our patrons to devote their attention to the anticipation of their journey.

Our Vision

Globovista LLC envisions itself as the foremost authority in travel visa facilitation, distinguished by our commitment to excellence, expeditious service, and dependability. Our goal is to define the benchmark for superior client support and pioneering visa acquisition strategies, ultimately elevating the global travel experience for our patrons.

Our Values

  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Our commitment is to elevate every client interaction, ensuring satisfaction remains at the heart of our service.
  • Pioneering Technological Advancements: We channel investments into cutting-edge technology, streamlining the visa application process while enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Upholding Environmental and Social Integrity: We embrace our role in fostering environmental stewardship and community well-being, advocating for eco-friendly and sustainable operations.
  • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Our dedication to diversity shapes our workforce and services, fostering an inclusive culture that reflects the varied tapestry of our clientele.
  • Fostering Employee Growth: We are dedicated to nurturing the growth of our team, providing opportunities for professional and personal advancement that, in turn, refine the caliber of our services.

Our Code of Ethics

  • Strict Ethical Standards: Our foundation is built on unwavering integrity, ensuring all business dealings are conducted with utmost honesty and transparency.
  • Prioritizing Customer Needs: We place our customers’ needs and welfare at the core of our operations, guiding our decisions and actions to serve them better.
  • Exemplary Professional Conduct: Our pursuit of excellence is relentless, as we continually seek to enhance our expertise and professionalism in delivering top-tier services.
  • Guarding Client Confidentiality: We uphold the strictest levels of confidentiality, safeguarding our customers’ information with the highest degree of security.
  • Cultivating Collaborative Excellence: We foster a collaborative environment that respects and values the contributions of our team, partners, and customers, driving collective success.

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