Fiscal Stimulus Will Continue in 2022 in Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo

Carlos Joaquín, the Governor of Quintana Roo, has urged Sefiplan, the Ministry of Finance and Planning to continue granting the fiscal stimulus for the fiscal year 2022 in order to support economic growth in the state.

This fiscal stimulus is designed specifically with the local economy in mind so that taxpayers will be more inclined than ever before towards promptly complying with their obligations.

The approval of the Quintana Roo fiscal stimulus 2022 came as a relief to many people in this rapidly developing state. The benefits were approved by a vast majority of the deputies in the State Congress for a total of 34,611,211,821 pesos (over $1,6 billion).

Part of this budget will be backed up by the $48 tourism tax that travelers pay upon entry into the State of Quintana Roo.

This tourism tax was introduced in April 2021 and can be purchased on Visitax. All passengers need to present it after landing in Cancun or other parts of Quintana Roo.

Among the deputies, we can observe the contentment of Governor Maturín Abreu Durán who stated “I am pleased and grateful that we have passed another milestone on our path towards economic growth.”

The approved stimulus will allow the state to use national and public resources in order to support the financial capacity of the State.

Most municipalities will receive a part of this budget as part of the municipal revenue laws. In the case of Tulum, over 871 million pesos will be assigned to the town. Lázaro Cárdenas will receive a little over 318 millon pesos, Benito Juárez 4,476 millon pesos, and Isla Mujeres a little more than 800 million pesos.

Also, Cozumel will expect about 648 millions, Puerto Morelos almost 494 millions, and José María Morelos nearly 315 million.

Lastly, Bacalar will be assigned 316 million pesos, Othón P. Blanco 976 million, while Solidaridad will receive about 2,8 million pesos.

Other than the municipalities, a percentage of this new fiscal stimulus is assigned to services.

4,5 million pesos are allocated to the Electoral Court of Quintana Roo, and 3.3 million pesos to the Court of Administrative Justice. 13 million pesos are allocated to the Judiciary and will help reform labor matters, reforms of the Alternative Justice Law, for implementing transparency mechanisms of sentences.

Another 15 million pesos are for the State Health Services and acquisition of additional equipment needed for the breast cancer early detection program. Another 3.7 million pesos are for the State Health Services which will support the Scholarships for Life program. This program will provide social assistance to people under 18 who have no social rights, who may be diagnosed with cancer, and, therefore, in need of treatment.

3 million pesos will be assigned to the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment (SEMA). These will support the “Conservation and Management of Crocodiles in Urban Wetlands of Cancun-Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo” project.

Finally, over 8 million pesos will go to the Secretariat of Agricultural, Rural and Fisheries Development (Sedarpe) for the Peso by Peso program. And 800,000 pesos are assigned to the Support Program for Mayan Dignitaries project for the Development of the Mayan People and Indigenous Communities.

The head woman at Sefiplan Yohanet Torres Muñoz said that this stimulus is a 100% subsidy on vehicle taxes for people who need to pay tenure and don’t have debts from previous years.

However, for those who have debts, there’s also an incentive program in which 50% of the cost will be covered during January through March; then 40% from April through June; and 35% from July 1st until September 24th.

If the car or other vehicle lessor has no driver, Torres Muñoz reported a 50% discount on the ownership cost for the individuals who have no debts. This discount will last from January through March; then 40% discount will be offered from April to June and, finally, 35% from July 1st to September 24th. Again, these apply to the ones who do not have any debts.

It goes without saying that this fiscal stimulus in Quintana Roo is great news for the local economy and will benefits services and private individuals.



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