These are the Best Fishing Seasons in Cancun


Deep-sea fishing in and around Cancun is an activity that can be enjoyed all year long, but some months are better than others. Knowing the best fishing seasons in Cancun before starting your journey will make you fully love it.

In fact, during some seasons, the fish will bite better and you’ll have a higher chance of catching something big.

Located on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Cancun is positioned in such a way that it’s along the migratory route of pelagic fish. It’s also home to not one but two amazing fishing locations. The mighty Mesoamerican Reef and various inshore inlets and lagoons are perfect for anglers with any experience level.

In this article, we will walk you through everything from when the best fishing seasons in Cancun are to the best fish by month and more.

What is Deep-sea Fishing?

Deep-sea fishing is a thrilling form of sport that requires you to travel out into the deep waters and catch some fish.

You’ll need to be located at, at least, 30 meters of water depth in order to consider its deep-sea fishing and properly fish. Make sure to properly get prepared not to get seasick during your trip.

Out of the places to practice your catching, these best fishing seasons in Cancun are exactly what you need to start, gain expertise, or simply have fun.

What to Expect When Deep-sea Fishing

Fishing in the deep sea can be a thrill of a lifetime, and you will never know what is lurking below until it takes your bait.

The two types of deep-sea fishing boats are party fishing ones and charters which have their own pros and cons depending on preference.

Party boats may seem more fun to join because they allow for anyone who wants to go at any time. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get into spots with fish without other groups around.

Charter trips, unlike the party ones, offer a personalized experience since you’ll get your own boat. They start off by picking out where exactly you want to end up going based on group size before leaving with an experienced guide to the best fishing spots.

What to Bring on Your Deep-sea Fishing Charter?

Every fisherman knows that you should always be prepared for anything and be over-prepared if possible.

A fishing trip is not really a true accomplishment without the requisite equipment, so here are some of our favorite things to bring along on your next adventure.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Getting a fishing license isn’t needed if you join a day tour. However, note that you’ll be required to purchase one in case you rent your own boat.

The price for a fishing license is the equivalent of $12.50 for one day, $24.20 for one week, and $34.00 for a month.

Last but certainly not least, you should take into consideration the new tourism tax when entering Quintana Roo. In fact, upon arriving in Cancun and Quintana Roo’s state, you’ll need to purchase a $48 tourism tax called Visitax, no matter your age or nationality.

This is a simple process that will only take a few minutes to complete.


First things first, let’s cover the dangers of sun exposure. In fact, it is important to mention that even on cloudy days we cannot underestimate how strong and dangerous sunlight can be.

Sunburns are no fun and you’ll want to stay protected during the best fishing seasons in Cancun. As a general rule of thumb, SPF50 and above are the ones that will protect you the most.

In addition, bring Zinc and lip balm to cover your nose from sunlight and stay protected at all times.


The weather along the coast of Cancun can change suddenly, but don’t forget to pack appropriately.

You’ll want light clothing such as shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt as well as a hat will protect your skin and your head at all times. Also, polarized sunglasses are an accessory not to forget back home since they’ll protect your eyes efficiently from the glare on the water.

Food and Drinks

Fishing trips are one of the most popular summer pastimes, but there’s a lot to consider before you load up on your day out.

When going into the deep waters, it’s important for all fishermen and fisherwomen alike not only to pack their lunch or dinner but also to keep plenty of fluids handy.

You can get dehydrated fast under a hot sun so be sure to bring a thermos with water, cold drinks like Gatorade, some sandwiches, and some snacks.

Of course, apart from the food and drinks, we also recommend bringing some tissues and hand sanitizer.

First Aid

Some people get motion sickness on the ocean, and others might not even know what they’re in for. It’s a good idea to carry some extras with you to make your trip more comfortable.

First, and as mentioned hereabove, bring motion sickness pills. These are simply a must and you should take them around one hour before jumping on the boat or charter. Also, don’t forget extra band-aids. While they are generally provided on boats, it’s better to go properly prepared.

Since you already planned to bring hand sanitizer, make sure to include Betadine as well in case of any cut.

Is Deep Sea Fishing Good in Cancun?

The waters of Cancun have attracted anglers from all over the world to chase their favorite fish for years. Especially Isla Mujeres has been an all-time favorite when it comes to fishing Billfish, Dorado, and Wahoo.

The sea surrounding Cancun and its coast is astonishing and you’ll be able to catch different types of fish all year round. Make sure to read until the end to discover all the types of fish you can catch here.

Apart from the great fishing experience, most of the charters available in Cancun are air-conditioned and you’ll enjoy the beautiful blue waters around you.

All in all, whether you’re an amateur or an expert fisherman, this is the right place for you. Needless to say, the best fishing seasons in Cancun make it even more unique and fun.

What is the Cost to Go Deep-sea Fishing in Cancun?

The cost of going deep-sea fishing in Cancun depends, of course, on the type of tour and boat you choose.

For instance, a party boat will cost you anything from $150 per adult for a 4 to 6-hour journey depending on the company.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more exclusive trip on a luxury charter, expect to pay $350 for a 4-hour trip to go deep-sea fishing.

While some deep-sea fishing trips are more expensive, there’s a good reason. In fact, you’ll be able to enjoy the air-conditioning inside the boat, TV and other electronics, beer and possibly food included, and more.

As a whole, boats leave twice a day: once early in the morning at 7.00 AM and again in the evening around 2.00 PM.

When Are the Best Fishing Seasons in Cancun?

Defining the best fishing seasons in Cancun can be complex as you’ll be able to catch different species all year long and other ones in specific months.

Generally speaking, the months of March throughout July are when you’ll be able to catch the most different types of fish. Let’s elaborate here below.

From December to August, good game fish can be caught year-round. On the other hand, sailfish are the first to show up in mid-March and typically last until the end of July.

Apart from that, Blue and White Marlin begin showing up by March through August while Kingfish is most common from November to early March.

Lastly, other species such as Bonito, Mackerel, Tuna, or even Barracuda can also be found during this time period all throughout the year.

Are There Sharks Near Cancun?

Apart from the best fishing seasons in Cancun, a concern that might come to your mind is the presence of sharks.

Out of all types of fish, you will indeed be able to fish sharks around Cancun all year long from a charter or a party boat.

What Fish Are in Season in Cancun?

As mentioned previously, the types of fish you can catch in Cancun vary by month. To make it easier, let’s separate the most common fish you’ll be able to find month by month here below.

  • Amberjack – From October to July
  • Blue and White Marlin – From April to July
  • Grouper – From July to March
  • Kingfish – From November to March
  • Mahi Mahi – April throughout August
  • Snapper – From July to April

On the other hand, these below are the fish that you’ll have the chance to catch all year long:

  • Barracuda
  • Bonito
  • Mackerel
  • Shark
  • Tuna
  • Wahoo

As you can see, there are plenty of catching opportunities no matter the best fishing seasons in Cancun. All in all, the coast is a fantastic spot for all fishing amateurs and professionals.


What we can say is that the fishing seasons in Cancun are divided into two periods. The first, which lasts from December to March has the best weather and water conditions for fishing.

On the other hand, the second season (June through November) may be excellent for catching more fish but it’s not as pleasant due to higher temperatures and less rain.

If you have a vacation planned or an upcoming trip down to Quintana Roo, keep these months in mind so you don’t miss out on any of your favorite types of fish.

To conclude, these were the best fishing seasons in Cancun to enter the deep waters around Quintana Roo and you won’t regret a second coming here.


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