Is Cancun Safe to Visit?

Is Cancun safe in 2022? Many vacationers asked themselves this question before taking their flight to Mexico, and we can understand why. With the rise of crime reports in the country portrayed on social media and TV, travelers are sometimes scared away.

But Cancun has so much to offer with lots of exciting and historical activities, nightlife that you’ve never experienced before, and incredible food to enjoy.

If you’re wondering if is Cancun safe right now, then you landed in the right place – here’s your ultimate guide to Cancun’s safety, whether you’re a solo traveler, a group of friends, or more.

Best Months to Visit Cancun

The best months to travel to Cancun are from late December to April. While this is the peak season with more crowds and prices on the high end, the weather is the best you can experience.

You should be aware of the local administration’s new $48 tourism tax as all tourists have to pay it before arrival. You can get it quickly on Visitax, and that’ll take only a couple of minutes.

In a Nutshell, is Cancun Safe?

All things considered, Cancun is generally safe to travel to. In statistics, apart from being safer than many other cities in Mexico and the U.S., you can do pretty much anything without taking risks.

Of course, petty crime does happen, but more serious instances don’t typically target tourists. There are some general safety tips to observe when leaving your hotels, and we’ll go through them later in this guide.

Can You Travel to Cancun Safely as a Solo Traveler?

The short answer is yes; traveling to Cancun as a solo traveler is typically safe. As a general rule of thumb, you can wander the downtown area and the Zona Hotelera during the night pretty safely if you follow specific safety tips.

It’s not necessary, but meeting a few people around, whether at your hotel or outside, is a safe move, and you’ll feel more comfortable around town.

Can You Travel to Cancun Safely as a Female Traveler?

Cancun is usually safe for female travelers as well. Of course, young women should be more careful when going out at night by themselves. We recommend keeping important belongings like a passport or expensive jewelry back at the hotel in the safe. But, in general, downtown Cancun and the hotel area are fine.

Is Cancun Safe? Safety Tips Worth Considering

Now that we have a better idea about Cancun’s safety for different kinds of travelers let’s go deeper into the subject and list the standard safety tips for an enjoyable stay.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

First of all, having your travel insurance ready in case of any issues is instrumental. Generally speaking, hospitals in Cancun tend to be pretty expensive for tourists, and if something unusual happens to you, you’ll be covered.

Be Careful to Pickpockets

While serious crimes do not generally happen to tourists in Cancun, pickpockets are everywhere. You should pay attention to them, especially in downtown Cancun in small alleys and during the night.

Keep Your Belongings at the Hotel

This applies to pretty everywhere you travel in the world. Keep your belongings in your hotel room’s safe and keep a copy with you in case you get asked by the police or by the security at the nightclub. Moreover, don’t show your wealth when going around, especially if you bring jewelry to Mexico.

Drink Cocktails – But not too Many

Drinking is a part of any travel plan, particularly when traveling with friends. But when you do, make sure to drink moderately and not get too wasted. You potentially won’t be able to recognize the area you’re in and will be more prone to pickpockets and other risks.

Should You Stay in the Hotel Zone or Downtown Cancun?

The hotel zone is the most sought-after area for tourists coming to Cancun. It’s home to a stunning beach, it’s where all the other travelers are, and it’s full of entertaining options. Apart from that, it’s full of security officers everywhere, may it be the police or the staff at the hotel.

On the other hand, when staying in downtown Cancun, you’ll get to see real life in the country. Also, unlike the hotel zone, something always happens here during the day and night. When traveling from either the hotel zone or downtown Cancun, make sure to call a taxi and to sit in front rather than walking as it maximizes your safety.

Final Thoughts

Now you have all the answers you needed to know to your question, “is Cancun safe?”. Cancun is generally safe with some petty crime happening here and there but nothing to worry about.

If you want to protect yourself as much as possible, you can invest in a money belt and store your essential documents and your bigger notes so that you won’t take any risk anywhere.

In conclusion, familiarize yourself in your hotel area, stay with other travelers when possible, and try not to get too drunk while enjoying this stunning part of Mexico!


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